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Automatic Printer Slotter Die Cutter

Automatic Box Printing Machine corrugated carton 2 3 4 5 colors slotting rotary die cutting machine

Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Brand: chuangxin
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MOQ: One set
Packaging Details: Tray
Delivery time: 50-60 days
Payment Terms: Wire Transfer Premium
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Economic Type 3 Colors Rotory Die Cutter Cardboard Printing Slotter Die Cutting Corrugated Carton Machinery

Lead-edge Feeding System

1.Lead-edge suction feeding system, easy operation, high accuracy,(adopts lead feeder system).

2.7.5KW high pressure centrifugal fans, according to the cardboard warping degree of frequency control pressure,

to ensure warp cardboard or thin cardboard high-speed accurate transmission.

3.Left and right side baffle position electrically adjustable, screw-driven.and can remember by computer.

4.Front baffle adjust the position of the upper and lower intervals synchronization by manual.

5.Skip-feeding devices, could select skip-feeding according to needs. To ensure that large-scale cardboard can also be processed.

6.Install 7” touch screen, could automatically display the production quantity, production speed, and set the production quantity and every operating.

7.Slotting part is equipped with the interlock switch, to achieve the emergency stop, stop feeding or feeding.

Printer Unit

►Printing Roller

1.With printing plate, outer diameter φ420mm

2.High quality steel production, surface grinded, hard chromium-plated. Static balance adjustment, stableN operation, suitable for high speed running

3.Roller horizontal direction and circumferential direction with datum line, convenient for align plate

4.Fixed coil axis, suitable for standard hanging slats, realize rapid change plate

5.Electric 360° adjust printing roller, automatic digital display adjustment,remember store digital.

6.Installed with foot switch to control plate roller reversing, convenient change plate

►Pressing Roller

1.Adopt high quality seamless delicately processing, dynamic balance adjustment, stable operation

2.Diameter φ175mm, surface grinded, hard chromium-plated

3.Gear adopt backlash adjustment mechanism, adjustment none-affect gear enunciation, guarantee transmission accuracy

4.Printing roller can be adjusted for a distance 0-12mm

5.Pressing roller, feeding shaft can be adjusted by manual , and loose and tight the roller also by manual.

►Anilox Roller

1.Outer diameter φ212mm

2.Steel anilox roller, brand HAILI

3.Steel anilox roller mesh:150-300 line

►Rubber Roller

1.Outer diameter φ200mm

2.Rubber roller adopts Guangdong Jingyang.

3.Overrunning clutch and automatic idling device, to prevent the ink dried

4.Rubber roller drum type middle part higher, to ensure ink quality

5.Rapid spaced spinner self-locking device, ensures uniform ink

6.Ink distributing roller independent drive mechanism, ensure ink quality

Die Cutter Unit

1.Rubber roller mechanical spiral commutation 40mm move about horizontal structure

2.Die-cutter phase, computer and electric digital control

3.Horizontal phase, computer and electric digital control, range ±5mm

4.Rubber roller and die roller gap use computer and electric digital control

5.Adjust the transfer roller use computer and electric digital control

6.The rubber roller compensated by motor-driven,control the speed of thr rubber roller, range ±3mm

7.Rubber roller hsiuping cutting structure, keep rubber surface roughness

8.Stripping the belt longitudinal output,to easy clean waste paper.

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