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Automatic Printer Slotter Die Cutter

Express Box Corrugated Printing Slotting Die Cutting Carton Printer Die Cutter Cardboard Machinery

Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Brand: chuangxin
Model: Payment and Shipping Terms:
MOQ: One set
Packaging Details: Tray
Delivery time: 50-60 days
Payment Terms: Wire Transfer Premium
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Express Box Corrugated Printing Slotting Die Cutting Carton Printer Die Cutter Cardboard Machinery

Paper feeding unit:(1 unit)

(two-row wheel feed)

1,the paper feeding table is connected by polyurethane paper feeding wheel, the active belt wheel is connected by cone sleeve, and the driven belt wheel is connected by expansion sleeve.

2,negative pressure suction flat front feeding way, using 5.5 kw high-pressure fan, to ensure efficient and accurate feeding of various types of corrugated, warp paperboard.

Printing unit:(2 color unit)

1, the printing press roll gap dial is manually adjusted, the adjustment range is 0-10mm

2,Mesh Point hexagonal honeycomb type, uniform ink.

3,212 mm outside diameter.

slotting Unit:(1 unit)

1. The slotting knife is made of high quality alloy steel, the heat treatment grinds the tooth shape slotting knife and the trimming knife, the knife edge is sharp, the precision is high.

2, press line wheel, slotting knife seat horizontal movement adopts manual control, synchronous adjustment.

3, slotted phase adjustment mechanism, planetary gear structure.

4, slotting phase can be adjusted by electric control 360 degree adjustment operation and stop.

5),The height of the box is adjusted by electric motor.

This machine can make standard carton box

Model of Hot Sale Rs4 Slotter Machine 2 Colour For Carton Box From Carton Machine


Max. Paperboard  size



Min. Paperboard  size



Max. printing size



Min space of slotting


Obverse knives 80*80*80*80
Reverse knives 60*160*60*160

Design speed

pcs /min


Economic speed

pcs /min


Standard thickness of printing plate (with version lining)



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